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La Crèmerie is one of East London's latest innovative food startups, founded by Canadian fashion-designer-turned-entrepreneur Renée Lacroix. After several diet transitions (from omnivore to flexitarian to vegetarian to now mostly vegan), she found herself dissatisfied by the lack of dairy free yoghurt options available on the market. She borrowed a friend's yaourtière (fancy French word for 'yoghurt machine') and tried making her own, sadly without much success.

Last year she met Christophe Favrot, an agricultural-engineer-slash-biochemist-slash-herbalist who invented a clever method of transforming rice into yoghurt. After spending two weeks in his atelier learning the ropes of artisanal yoghurt making in bucolic Brittany, Renée convinced him to become business partners. Together they developed new flavours adapted to the UK market and, in February 2017, La Crèmerie made its London debut.

What's in it?

Our yoghurts are made of three simple ingredients: organic rice, to which we add water from Brittany’s pristine countryside and specially selected live cultures, millions of tiny bacteria lovingly named Pediococcus lactis and Lactococcus lactis. Et voilà! –a delicious, smooth and completely plant-based yoghurt alternative.

Why rice?

Rice is an all-round grain chosen for two reasons. First, it has a versatile palate, which makes it suitable for both sweet and savoury tastes. Second, it has naturally thickening properties which convey the same yummy creaminess associated with yoghurt. Eat it au naturel or sweetened, with fruits or granola, in smoothies or curries –the possibilities are endless. Now that we think about it, why not rice?