How to Design Amazing Packaging

Our packaging is one of the most talked about aspects of our brand, so for our first blog post we thought we’d introduce you to the designer behind La Crèmerie’s identity, Emmanuelle Goutal. Hailing from Paris, she moved to London in 2011 to undertake a Master’s in Graphic Design at the London College of Communication. After cutting her teeth with creative agencies such as Suburbia and Michael Nash Associates, she went on to start her own eponymous studio just over a year ago. We loved her clean, minimalist and high-end fashion style and gave her carte blanche to develop La Crèmerie’s branding.

The mood board we used to develop La Crèmerie's identity


What made you want to become a graphic designer & art director?

Growing up I always knew I wanted to do something artistic so after graduating from high school I decided to go to an art school. At first I decided to study product design but I quickly realised after doing some workshops at my school that I much preferred graphic design. The process was more direct than in product design which suited me better. I discovered about art direction when I started to work in agencies after I graduated. A lot of the clients were from the fashion industry so this is where I learned about fashion photography and art direction.

Where do you take your inspiration from?

It is a mix of research I do for each project and things I see, assimilate (exhibitions, travels, books etc.) All my work is research and concept driven so the inspirations are different for each project which is what I like about my job. Each project is different and I always discover new things through the creative process.

What is your favourite font?

It varies trough the years. My first favourite font when I started to learn about typography as a student was Lubalin Graph designed by Herb Lubalin in the 70’s. It is a serif version of Avant Garde. It’s elegant and friendly at the same time. I still like it very much today.

What does a typical working day in your life look like?

8.00 I wake up, read my first emails, have breakfast and a shower and then I walk to the studio where I work which is 30mn away from my house. I like this moment because I can start thinking about the things I have to do during the day and start organising things in my head. So when I arrive at the studio around 9 am I am focused and ready to work.

9.00 I start by writing down a list of the things I have to do. I reply to the first emails. And then I plug on Spotify and start working. I’m a morning person so I usually try to do all the creative work in the morning and leave the artworking / accountancy and emails to later in the day.

13.00 Lunch break. My studio is located near London Fields so no excuse for bringing bad sandwiches in front of the computer. I like to go to The Bread Station or on Broadway market. I also like to pass by Artworks Bookshop or Donlon Books on the way to check magazines and books. They both have great selections.

After that it depends on the day, sometimes I work all day at the studio, sometimes I have meetings with clients or collaborators. I usually work on several projects at the same time which I like to do. I find that jumping from one project to another helps creativity. The different type of work feed one another.

19.00 I usually try to leave work early. If I have to work late I would continue working from home after dinner.

Can you tell us the creative process behind the branding of La Crèmerie?

Renée the founder wanted something minimal and elegant for the branding of La Crèmerie. I thought we could do something that could visually work more like a beauty product than a food product. It was also important that the consumer understands quickly that the product does not use any dairy. The rice branch was a good advocate to enhance the vegan side of the product.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don’t like to project myself too much. My objectives are just to continue working for a wide variety of clients as I do now and maybe at some point expand the studio team - which is just me at the moment!

You can check out Emmanuelle’s work here.

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